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International Futures Contracts are standardized, transferable contracts of commodities, bonds, parities and indexes which require physical delivery at a certain maturity and which are transacted in markets. International Futures Contracts represent the trade transactions conducted between the buyer and the seller at a predefined maturity and price against a deposit. Contract sizes and leverage ratios may differ according to the transacted contract.

In futures contracts, each contract has a different beginning deposit. Any overnight transfer cost is not paid for the positions transferred, and the profit/loss which arises due to the changes in the market prices is immediately reflected on the profit/loss accounts. Hedge funds, speculators and arbitrage transactions are found among those transacting in international futures contracts.

TradeAll offers its customers active trading service within the related market hours for many futures contracts. Ak Yatırım does not realize physical delivery of the financial products which constitute a basis for futures contracts.