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Trading Hours



MARKET Product Transaction Hours (TSI) Website
CBT DJIA Index Futures 23:30-00:30, 01:00-21:15
CBT E-Mini Dow Futures 23:30-00:30, 01:00-21:15
CBT Fed Funds Futures 23:00-22:00
CBT Treasury Futures 23:00-22:00
CBT Corn Futures 23:00-22:00
CME E-Mini Index Futures 23:30-00:30, 01:00-21:15
CME Eurodollar Futures 23:00-22:00
CME FX Futures 23:00-22:00
Comex Metal Futures 01:00-00:15
Comex E-Mini Metal Futures 01:00-00:15
ICE US Soft Commodity Futures 06:00-16:00 ?tradingHours=
CBOE Oil ETF Futures 14:30-21:00
CBOE VIX Futures 13:00-21:15
Nymex Energy Futures 23:00-22:15
Nymex E-Mini Natural Gas Ft 23:00-22:15
Nymex Precious Metal Futures 23:00-22:15
EUREX Eurostoxx Index Futures 08:50-23:00 trading/trading-calendar/
EUREX Stoxx Index Futures 08:50-23:00 trading/trading-calendar/
EUREX Euribor Futures 09:00-20:00 trading/trading-calendar/
EUREX Euro Bund Futures 09:00-23:00 trading/trading-calendar/
LIFFE FTSE 100 Index Ft 02:00-22:00 content/29089/contract-specification
LIFFE Short Sterling Futures 08:30-19:00 content/29089/contract-specification
ICE EU Gas Oil Futures 03:00-20:00 Search.shtml?tradingHours=

* Transaction hours which is shown below are just for informational purpose.please visit the market's websites for detailed information.
The daily informations of website can be effected by daylight saving time.